- Training and School Matching Contribution Plan:

- Blue Cross and Medical Plans

When you join the company you are automatically qualified to be part of our medical benefit plan. New employees have a a 50-50 contribution plan towards Blue cross. After three months of  continuous share program, they quality towards a 75-25 plan. While completing a year they are 100% cover by SAT medical plan with out employee contribution.



- Profit Sharing and Employee Investment Plan


When you join the company you are automatically registered as part of the internal Profit Sharing Plan. Our PSP is a type of money purchase plan in respect of which employees contribute part of their pay check towards the company fund for projects, equipment and other investments. Where your contribution is related in some way to profits. The provisions under which these plan operate is simply a way to financially support the growth and financial stability of the company.

The benefits to employees is to have a guaranteed savings from their contribution in the company account plus their percentage of the annual company profit. Their contribution can be cash out anytime when the employee leaves or at an annual lump sump. (If the employee chose not to be part of this plan they can simply opt out.) Employees can decide their contribution amount and they MUST cash out if leaving the company. Contact management to learn more..



- Gym, Health and Physical activity Matching memberships 


As part of our health and training program, when you join the company you are automatically qualified towards gym and healthy membership plans, new employees have a 50-50 contribution plan towards gym or physical activity plan of your choice (extreme sports are excluded, applicable max cap of $300 a year).





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