About Us

SAT Consulting & Construction Inc.

SAT Consulting & Construction is all about people. As a construction project management and consulting company, we understand the importance of trusting the team you work with. We strive to continually challenge ourselves in order to provide safe, efficient and professional work environments for both our staff and our clients. At SAT, we pursue excellence and realize success with every project we come across due to our meticulous processes, project scoping and budget management experience, scheduling abilities and the amazing team we’ve been able to cultivate.

We have had the pleasure of working with some of Canada’s largest companies which has given us the experience and expertise to complete projects on time and on budget. SAT opened its doors in 2007 with a dedication to the interior demolition, repair and trade support sectors and is still committed to these services with an expanded focus on project management, general contracting and design build. We have worked on a wide array of projects and are proud to say that not only have they all been completed within the scoped out timeline and forecasted budget, but even more importantly, they were completed without any incidents. The success of SAT is routed in it’s people and our goal is to ensure they all make it home safe to their friends, families and loved ones each and every single day.

Throughout all of our growth and success, we are proud to say we’ve always stayed true to our core values: integrity, honesty and trust. We have cultivated a team that is driven to provide exceptional customer service, world-class solutions and outstanding commitment to all of our clients.

Our Core Values

SAT was founded on a few fundamental principles that helped form the core values that still hold today. Our values capture the essence of who we are and the spirit that drives our work. They form the foundation for how we conduct business, make decisions and treat others and are evident in every project we work on.

We Care

Bringing your vision to life begins and ends with having a team that cares about your goals and the work they do. This is a core value that we look for not only in every team member who joins SAT, but in every client we bring on board. We are fortunate to work in a business where our work can take what’s on the drawing table and turn in into reality, and having a team and clients that care is the main ingredient for our success.

We treat everyone with respect

Our staff is our lifeline and we’ve been able to maintain an amazing team because of the mutual respect we have for each other and everyone we work with. We all come from different backgrounds and different experiences that lends to the diverse pool of skills our team brings to the table. By fostering a workplace where everyone can learn from each other, we continue to raise the bar and challenge our team to grow and strive for what’s next.

Safety will always be our priority

While quality and project execution are our goals, they will never precede our commitment to safety. We have acquired and maintain industry leading certifications in safety and job site regulations to ensure our team makes it home safe at the end of each day. We have a zero accident track record and have every intention of keeping it that way. We work hard and play harder, but the safety of our team will always be our top priority.

We are committed to innovation and sustainability

The construction industry is ever-changing and we are committed to continuously bringing the latest innovations and technologies to our customers through innovative products and sustainable solutions. This, coupled with our traditional core values of respect and caring for our work and clients, allows our team to be creative, explore new techniques and continue to innovate.