All demolition projects are unique in size and scope, so our team puts in their due diligence to ensure the project is properly planned, executed and accounted for. Whether this is for a commercial or residential project, our team will dive into every aspect of the building or housing unit to lay out the necessary steps to get the job done right. Handling site cleanup and waste hauling with the utmost care is crucial to any job. Our goal is to leave the surrounding area of any job site in better condition than we found it.


Our services include the following for your commercial and residential needs:

  • Demolition design and planning
    • Sewer services– Water services- Gas services  – Removals, Installs and CAPS
    • Waste-Oil-Service Tanks including the Remediation- Removal and Disposals
  • Interior Controlled and Selective Demolition
    • Material Recovery, Historical/Heritage work
  • Abatement and HAZMAT
    • Ice and sand blasting
  • Clean up and waste hauling
    • Waste Haulage – Trucking -Export and Import of new materials
    • Site Remediation and contaminated soils management
  • Material recycling and asset recovery
    • Concrete Crushing – Recycling and Disposal


SAT Consulting & Construction Management is a design-build company specializing in general contracting for commercial and residential projects.

Through our years of experience, we have developed and implemented our own project management system in order to properly scope a project to completion. We collaborate with our clients to help them exceed industry standards and layout a precise plan of how the project will be executed. Whether you’re an owner, contractor, attorney, surety or other construction professional, we can assist you in achieving your projects vision.

Our project management services include the following:

  • Development of preliminary and final budget during progress of design
  • Drawing preparations to assure compliance with budgetary guidelines
  • Establishment of cost control procedures compatible with the requirements of the client
  • Establishment of project cash flow projections
  • Attending to and resolution of contract problems on behalf of the client
  • Adjusting the project master planning to suit changing requirements and time tables
  • Administration and evaluation of project changes
  • Consultation on bonding and insurance requirements
  • Review, handling and expediting of trade shop drawings
  • Oversee project completion and handover


Facility Maintenance and Repairs

SAT Consulting & Construction not only specializes in new building construction and renovations projects, we are also a prime contractor when it comes to general maintenance and repairs.

We all know the old saying, “if you love someone, set them free, if they come back, they’re yours.” In our case, if you love something, let us put some love and attention back into it so that you never have to let it go in the first place. Buildings get old, just as we all do, which means that the older they get, the more you should be considering maintenance and repairs a normal and expected cost of ownership. By showing your buildings a little love now, the longer you will be able to keep them without incurring major costs. The key to successful facility maintenance is planning. Our team is here to not only work with you to develop a plan, but to execute on it as well.

Whether you’re looking to build a high-rise or renovate your kitchen, our team has the experience, knowledge and drive to get the job done right.
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