The fight against covid-19 has been challenging for most industries, and for us at SAT this hasn't been an exception.

We are excited to announce that SAT has been awarded the Consumer Choice Award 2021.

Today we are happy to share that our honest, strong and hard work pays off, so a big thank you to all of our clients for the opportunity, our suppliers for their support.

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To our team members THANK YOU because we are one together. Our vision is clear and its because of your efforts that the path gets laid everyday to a bright future.

We are looking forward to a brighter 2021 and extend our support and kudos to everyone in the industry for coming together and stronger after this challenging 2020.

Support to the Homeless

Our team hands bags with gloves, jackets, gift cards, scarfs and tooks to the homeless. Because is there no greater feeling than knowing that we can help and actually doing it.

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SAT Donates $25K Norquest College

March 2019 -  As part of our commitment to support education and personal development SAT committed a $25,000 donation for Norquest College. 



We share this space, we cherish this land, we love our community and we are committed into making it better. At SAT we believe on giving back, helping, being there for those in need. So we want to help; whether is donating our time, resources, experience or funds.

Let us know about your challenges, your needs and passions so we can get our team on board to help.

SAT in the Community - Dec 2018

Its getting cold out there. Thats why our team has donated 50 jackets and 30 pairs of gloves to help those in need.

$10,000 towards MS RIDE

The SAT team believes that you dont have to be hit directly in order to help those ones in need. As part of our donations and support, this year we donated 10k towards the MS Ride and MS Foundation. Together we can find the cure for everything.